Regional Arts & Cultural Coordinators

Regional Hub service delivery: Regional Arts & Cultural Coordinators (RACC)

In 2013 Arts Nexus developed the RACC team model delivering services and support across the regions of Far North Queensland. This model has successfully delivered training, networking opportunities, promotion and advice to artists throughout the regional hub areas by identifying and supporting local and regional arts and cultural initiatives. The RACC Team recently collaboratively delivered a number of successful workshops entitled ‘Funding Fundamentals and Sustainability in the Arts’ funded by RADF in partnership with Tablelands and Cassowary Coast Regional Councils.

Each member of the RACC team is an established Arts Practitioner that is actively involved in the creative industries in their own right. Being able to promote themselves as RACC’s under the recognised framework of Arts Nexus, their work has increased and attracted funding through the financial management, promotional opportunity and association with Arts Nexus and it’s long history of regional service delivery. The RACCs produce newsletters to promote their hub members and the organisation, encourage membership, promote Arts Nexus to their community and develop opportunities to collaborate with each hub RACC.