MONTHLY MEETUPS – regular creative conversations

  • All activities are free except for training (see event listing for pricing)
  • Every participant is encouraged to be a current member of Arts Nexus to support our ongoing program
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Tech Tuesday  Each Tuesday from 1-5pm

The Lab Doctor is in to work through any Tech thoughts, opportunities or problems you wish to raise.  Get some fresh thinking into what you are doing. Drop in and join the conversation for your tech check up!

App Club  Every Tuesday from 5-6pm

App Club is where we pick one app per month (like a book club), agree to take it home and try it out.  We will then return the following week to review and discuss.  Bring your favourite app to share with others.


Cultural Leaders Essay Club  Second Monday 6-8pm

An opportunity for cultural leaders and those interested in the founding principals of practitioners and effective frameworks. Read and discuss essays from the contemporary arts and cultural sphere.  Analyse current arts issues and debates with peers.

Arts, Health and Wellbeing NQ Network  Second Tuesday 6-8pm

This month we will put our finger on the pulse of what is happening in the arts/health nexus across Australia.  Learn more about The Institute of Creative Health and other groups around the country who are resourcing the sector.  Find out how you can join a growing network of practitioners, therapists, artists and arts workers who understand the intrinsic and specific benefits of the arts for individuals, communities and society.

Toolbox Training Series

Expand your business toolkit.  Industry specialists lead dynamic training sessions with the aim of learning practical skills and whetting your appetite for the business side of your practice.