LaToya Burton

LaToya Burton is exploring the creative laboratory of life, experiencing and expressing what she discovers through visual arts, dance movement, holding space, and other tools for creative self-discovery. She is a storycatcher who enjoys gathering anecdotes and wisdom from change makers and magic seekers about coming home to self, and finding a sense of inner belonging through creativity.

LaToya is creative with a passion for helping others create a supportive home, both inside and out, to reflect their unique way of being and nourish a sense of inner belonging. Her process unites design, art, and creative self-discovery as a catalyst for growth and creative living. She believes we all deserve access to quality design and a beautiful homebase to launch from.

LaToya uses a combination of mixed media art, design, decor, and decluttering to help with physical spaces and she gathers women in Ceremony and Creative Circles to connect to the sacred feminine and their own inner wisdom. In her Interior Alchemy Sessions she offers Reiki Healing, Intuitive Readings, and Sacred Portraits for coming home to self.

Coming Home PODCAST series HERE
“Inspired Interviews with Change Makers and Magic Seekers that I love and find Inspiring. I see the Creative Self as that part of each of us that is Soul-led and Co-creating with life – when we listen to its callings we find our way home to an inner sense of belonging.”

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