Claire Tierney

Claire Tierney, youngest of six children. Theatre producer, event manager, life coach, dog walker, world traveller.  Born in Melbourne Victoria she has lived and worked in London and Spain. 

She has a Diploma of Life Coaching, a Diploma of Business Studies, and a Bachelor of Science from Monash University.

As an entrepreneur she built and sold multiple businesses – Bliss Catering, Give a Dog a Bone – dog walking, Sand Greeting Cards – hand made gift cards.

Claire has her own production company, creating and producing multiple theatre shows and events for Port Douglas Carnivale.

An adaptable service industry professional with extensive analytical skills, personal integrity and an innate capacity to create trust in people.

Claire has navigated a 30yr battle with an illness not known to have a cure. She smiles her way through adversity with grace  and flair. LINK HERE

COMING SOON … new podcast series ….

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